BluHaptics Awarded “Most Promising Company Award” At The Offshore Technology Conference In Houston

SEATTLE, Washington-May 15, 2015. BluHaptics participated in the Rice University Startup Roundup at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston on May 4, 2015 and was awarded the “Most Promising Company Award." Donald Pickering, CEO of BluHaptics, presented a five-year vision for the subsea ROV industry and outlined the company's roadmap. The event attracted some of the most influential companies in the offshore oil and gas industry. According to Mr. Pickering, “One thing is clear: our technology is in a unique position to revolutionize the way offshore operations are conducted.”

From the way that subsea equipment is manipulated, to the manner in which complex ocean data is processed and compiled, BluHaptics is charging ahead with solutions that promise greater precision, efficiency, and safety of subsea operations. “We’re essentially taking guesswork out of the equation,” says Dr. Fredrik Ryden, VP of Engineering for BluHaptics. “Right now there is a lot of intuition and redundancy required to do things safely. Our solution makes it straightforward to get it right the first time.”

In an industry that’s feeling increased pressure in terms of cost and environmental compliance,efficiency and safety are receiving more attention. “We’re seeing a personnel crisis in the industry,” says Ryden, “where operators are losing the experts who mastered the old tools.” The company emphasizes that demand for better technology is strong, but few are innovating the way BluHapticsdoes. “Most companies seek hardware solutions to the industry’s problems, but that only gets you so far. The sophistication of these machines is mind-boggling and underscores the importance of our stream-lined software solutions.”

Founded in 2013, Bluhaptics is a Seattle based software company that fuses 2D and 3D video in real time to enable precision control of robots and drones. The company is a spinout of the Applied Physics Laboratory and the Electrical Engineering department at the University of Washington, has five patents pending, and has been awarded grant funding from the National Science Foundation and the University of Washington CoMotion. Target customers include Oil and Gas, Military, Nuclear, and Offshore Renewable companies.

Don Pickering
909 NE Boat St,
Seattle, WA 98105
+1 (206) 747-8277

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