Tech Spotlight: BluHaptics is game-player in underwater robot controls

SEATTLE, Washington- March 12, 2017

BluHaptics has created software to help operators control underwater robots, such as those used in the oil and gas industry. The Seattle startup pairs the software with gaming controllers to make it a familiar experience for pilots. Read the full story...

Telerobotics startup BluHaptics raises $1.3M to bring its underwater software to space

SEATTLE, Washington - March 1, 2017 

Telerobotics startup BluHaptics has raised $1.36 million to launch its first commercial product this summer and expand the domain of its robotic control software from the deep sea to deep space.

Seattle Angel Fund led the latest funding round with participation from Seattle’s Alliance of Angels.

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BluHaptics Awarded $747, 179 SBIR Phase II grant from the National Science Foundation

SEATTLE, Washington-April 18, 2016

BluHaptics has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation. The $747,179 project, entitled “Collaborative Subsea Manipulation Interface” will be used to develop the company’s remotely operated vehicle (ROV) piloting software... Read the full story...

Former CTO and Microsoft Partner Architect, Dr. Steve White, joins BluHaptics as Vice President of Engineering

SEATTLE, Washington-October 12, 2015

BluHaptics, a robotics software company, today announced that Dr. Steve White has joined the company as VP of Engineering. As the founder and former CEO of Technical Arts Corp., CTO of, and Partner Software Architect at Microsoft, he is uniquely positioned to offer world-class engineering leadership expertise as BluHaptics continues to build out its engineering team and technology... Read the full story...

BluHaptics completes Phase I of grant for the National Science Foundation

SEATTLE, Washington- September 2, 2015

BluHaptics has completed the first phase of a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) titled "Collaborative Subsea Manipulation Interface" that is focusing on advancing capabilities of subsea ROVs. The following summary was posted on on September 2 and covers the Project Outcomes (as defined by NSF)... Read the full story...

Underwater Robotics Startup Bluhaptics Raises Cash For Hi-Tech Subsea Devices

SEATTLE, Washington- June 23, 2015.

A new Seattle-based startup spun out of the University of Washington wants to improve the efficiency of subsea operations.

Headed up by veteran entrepreneur Don Pickering, Bluhaptics recently raised $240,000 of a larger round from angel investors to continue building its hi-tech subsea robots.

Bluhaptics lets customers control complex robotics systems remotely underwater with software that fuses 2D and 3D data into a single display... Read the full story...

BluHaptics awarded “Most Promising Company Award” at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston

SEATTLE, Washington-May 15, 2015

BluHaptics participated in the Rice University Startup Roundup at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston on May 4, 2015 and was awarded the “Most Promising Company Award." Donald Pickering, CEO of BluHaptics, presented a five-year vision for the subsea ROV industry... Read the full story...