BluHaptics awarded $747,179 SBIR Phase II grant from the National Science Foundation

April 18, 2016


SEATTLE, Washington-April 18, 2016. BluHaptics has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation. The $747,179 project, entitled “Collaborative Subsea Manipulation Interface” will be used to develop the company’s remotely operated vehicle (ROV) piloting software. Specifically, this grant will support engineering of technology that uses data fusion and machine learning to attain safer and more precise control of subsea telerobotics. The project includes a subcontract to the University of Washington Applied Physics Lab.

BluHaptics is developing innovative products for 3D visual awareness and computer assisted control systems for teleoperated robots. The initial product line is focused on subsea and other underwater operations, providing technology that is critical for improved safety and efficiency by enhancing both operator awareness and control. This capability can be extended to aerial and terrestrial applications as well, such as excavation, construction and hazardous environment cleanup.

“BluHaptics is bringing about a new era of productivity and safety for subsea operations. Our technology will make subsea and underwater operations safer,” said Dr. Fredrik Rydén, CTO. “Divers can be replaced in hazardous situations by telerobots with improved control based on our products. The rate of untoward incidents, and their severity, will be mitigated for a large range of subsea activities.”

About BluHaptics

BluHaptics is building the world’s first commercial software dedicated to robotic intervention and manipulation. Based in Seattle, WA, the company is a spin-out of the esteemed University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and Electrical Engineering Department. We have assembled a team of experts from computer vision and machine learning, interactive UI, control systems, offshore engineering, and enterprise applications to build a technology platform that will transform the safety and efficiency of teleoperated robots and platforms. The content is solely the responsibility of BluHaptics and does not necessarily represent the official views of its partners or the National Science Foundation.


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