Don Pickering

Chief Executive Officer

Don Pickering has been a long time pioneer of Internet, enterprise applications and big data technology. As CEO of BluHaptics, Don is responsible for strategic planning, partnerships, business and corporate development. In 2010, he launched OneOcean (now Clipcard) dedicated to cloud software and data exchanges for sea floor data, and raised $8 Million for the company. Prior to this he architected some of the industry’s most successful companies, including early Internet innovator Cosmix (acquired by USWeb in 1997), online outdoor retailer, and multivariate optimization company Widemile (acquired by Webtrends in 2009).

Fredrik Ryden, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Ryden has unique expertise in haptic rendering, virtual fixtures, and control theory. To date, he has authored several papers and presented them at national conferences. He is also an inventor on one pending, and five provisional patent applications related to rendering of haptic feedback, virtual fixtures and semi-autonomous teleoperation. Recipient of the Outstanding Research Award by the UW Department of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Ryden did his Ph.D. thesis on telerobotics and haptic feedback. He is an Affiliate Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Department of Electrical Engineering.

Steve White, Ph.D.

VP of Engineering

Dr. Steve White brings a unique combination of experience launching successful startups and leading large engineering teams. He launched Technical Arts Corporation, a leader in 3D sensing technology and White Marsh Forests a pioneer cloud machine learning for image recognition. Dr. White also held key technical leadership roles at Microsoft (Partner Architect), Corbis (Director of Technology) and The Analytic Sciences (Director of Visual Exploitation Technologies). Steve holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT where he focused on machine- and human vision at the Artificial Intelligence Labs.


Luke Wissmann

VP Business Development and Special Programs

Luke Wissmann has led business development and programs within small and large companies. While he began his career in large companies like Ford Motor Company and United Technologies, his interest in working in smaller, high-tech companies led him to BluHaptics. Luke has a history of detecting valuable applications for new technology, creating/executing go-to market strategies and following through on commitments to ensure client satisfaction.